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What is Micrographia?

Small handwriting also known micrographia is a symptom commonly found in people living with Parkinson's disease. Micrographia is a common symptom of Parkinson’s disease and is referred to as a prodromal symptombecause it is a symptom that indicates the start of a disease. Although micrographia often appears before any other symptoms are noticed, it is one of the last symptoms many living with Parkinson’s disease learn of. 

Our Let’s Combat Micrographia Workshops and Workbooks focus specifically on how to improve small handwriting while increasing confidence in the process of writing. Very limited information on micrographia is readily available to the public. Since 2014, we have worked closely with people living with PD to understand micrographia and have developed techniques that work to improve this symptom.

An interactive workbook designed to help improve the small handwriting symptom found in those living with Parkinson's Disease. On-going research studies, contact us if you would like to get involved! This workbook is available on our website, on Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. 

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Let's Combat Micrographia workbook


The creation of our second edition workbook was funded by the National Institue of Health's National Network of Libraries of Medicine division. Our workbook is sold internationally and will be featured in the 2019 World Parkinson Congress in Japan.

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Workshop Series for Patients


We offer in person and virtual Let's Combat Micrographia workshops to help those living with Parkinson's improve their handwriting.

We are also offering an online Virtual Workshop series to enable people with Parkinson's to take the course from the comfort of their own home.

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Let's Combat Micrographia Training for Providers


Would you like to become a certified Let's Combat Micrographia Workshop Instructor? Well now you can by attending our training course.  

Complete the form located on the Virtual Workshop page to be notified when training for professionals is  available.

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